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As we know that nowadays it is really very difficult to express and share your feelings with your loved ones ( Friends, Boy Friends, Girl Friends and relatives) and many others but in other hand Whatsapp Status is one of the most valuable and useful thing to express your feelings with your loved ones. If you are feeling shy to say something directly to your loved one you can say it by your whatsapp status. Whatsapp status is very important nowadays because everyone want to express their feelings without any hesitation. we are providing you each kind of status here in our website which includes whatsapp status about life, attitude, Friends and the most important one Whatsapp status about Love.
we are providing in different languages and different moods of status e.g urdu, hindi, Sa
Happy etc. Meanwhile it’s a source where you feel free to share your feelings.

WhatsApp status

WhatsApp status free download

Mostly people like to show their attitude to others which if they will show directly people will get angry with them so those people seek other ways to show their attitude. WhatsApp status is the source which they can use to do that easily without being culprit of anyone.

Similarly, some people want to express their love, sad mood, and some of them want to express by poetry. Poetry is also a great source for sharing your feelings with others. Sad Urdu poetry is one of the most using source these days to express the core feelings of heart. But again, the problem is how to say it to others. Directly? NO. Just paste it in the status and let the others be confused about those magical words. Mostly status of poetry is available in form of quotes. The poetry of famous poets is available in form of quotes which can be easily share.

Each and every type of status for WhatsApp will be uploaded and freely available to download from this website techncoins.

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